HENRE Tailored Fit: Savile Row just hit the beach
HENRE’s head designer, Thomas, trained on Savile Row in London and he is obsessive about fit. So when looking to tailor our classic swim short, naturally Thomas turned to his old mentor and contacts on Savile Row. Those expert London pattern makers perfected a fitted, tailored short that will look good whatever your body type, in and out of the water.   

Tailored in London, Made in New York… worn on the beach

HENRE Fabrics: Touch it…
HENRE’s design team believes in slow fashion. We prioritize quality and sustainability in every area of our procurement and manufacturing. When it comes to fabrics we love to experiment with different textures (take a look) but every material has been tested extensively and is suitable for swimming in the sea or the pool.

Do good…and feel good

HENRE Runner-Cut: Run…to the pool
HENRE is committed to a comfortable but fitted look and feel. Every HENRE short and brief contains a degree of stretch in the fabric and, uniquely, the HENRE swim short has a ‘runner-cut’ lining which gives the wearer freedom to move. 
HENRE is there for you whether you are lying by the beach or pool or up and active. 

Beach volleyball anyone?

HENRE Snap: Take them off…when you want
HENRE shorts feature a distinctive slide-in snap fastener. This ingenious new snap allows you to perform one small gesture to open or fasten the shorts with style. It is a combination of a classic snap and hook that unifies aesthetics and usability. Entirely constructed in stainless steel and coated in our signature silicone. Once fastened, the HENRE snap is totally secure. 

The HENRE snap allows you to dive into the pool without losing your…composure


HENRE Silicone: From the beach to your shorts…and back
HENRE swim is immediately identifiable by our signature silicone. Silicone is highly durable and significantly more ocean friendly than plastic. Our pieces feature sustainable silicone for our coated snap fastener, drawcord tips, care labels and brand tags.
Silicone is made from Silica which is a substance found in sand. It can endure extreme fluctuations in temperatures - from ice cold to oven hot - without melting, cracking or degrading. It’s the perfect material for moving between the sea and the sun bed.

Live sustainably and beautifully…at the same time

HENRE Draw Cord: Do you tuck it in…or let it hang out?
HENRE knows that not everyone is the same and we think that everyone is beautiful. So whatever your waist line, every HENRE swim brief and swim short features a draw cord for the perfect fit. Each draw cord has a silicone HENRE branded tip.

Show off your HENRE draw cord with pride